Year Mission Duration Number of students up to 2019
3rd Year As a part of RFST 1 day 1827 (from different medical college )
4th Year Laboratory orientation 2 day 50 (Army medical college )
5th Year Infectious disease 7 day 40 International medical college

Program schedule

3rd Year

Program schedule for Residential Field Site Training Program (RFST)

10.00 am- Arrival at BITID

10.00am- 10.30am   -> Inauguration & Introduction

10.30am- 12.30pm   ->

  • Lab visit
  • Surveillance
  • Outdoor visit  (including counseling room, health education room)                                         program).
  • EPI center visit and ORT  -> corner visit
  • Indoor visit   -> New Ward   -> IDH

12.30pm -1.00pm     -> Photo session

1.00 pm                       -> Closing

Discussion :

Lab visit ·         Lab service

·         Biosafety & Biosecurity
·         Biosafety Level 2-3  Visit with General lab visit
·         Hand  wash
·         PPE

Surveillance ·         AMR , FBIS ,  discussion on Surveillance
Outdoor visit ·         Visit to TB corner

·         Counselling System / Visit to Pediatrics Outdoor room
·         Outbreak  investigation

Preventive measures

·         NCD – HTN/ DM/ COPD/ Cancer/ Arsenic
·         CD  – Tetanus / Rabies/ Diarrhoea/Chicken pox                     

EPI & ORT ·         Diarrhoeal Fluid  : ORS Composition, Cholera  Saline Composition

·         Immunization : EPI Schedule ;TT Schedule ;Adult Immunization

Indoor  & IDH ·         Diarrhoea

·         Tetanus
·         Animal bite
·         Rabies
·         Chicken Pox

Our institute also involved in IHT, Fouzderhat Nursing college & CVASU ( One Health) .


4th year students:

 Programme on infectious diseases at BITID for 4th year student (MBBS)

Day one:- (9.00-11am) BITID indoor & TB hospitals visit for different infectious diseases.

(11.30-2.30)= Lectures on diagnostic test to different infectious diseases DF, Typhoid,                                   Malaria, TB, HIV.

Day two:-  (9:00am-2.30pm)

1.BSL lab visit

2.Practical class on Gram staining, culture (conventional), sputum for AFB by microcopy,   Gene  xpert,  LPA, AFB culture, PCR.

5th year students :

Programme on infectious diseases at BITID for 5th year student (MBBS)

Days Clinical Round
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Saturday Animal bite/Tetanus Rabies Tetanus
Sunday Viral block HIV Chikungunya &  Dengue
Monday Viral block Chicken pox, Measles Herpes
Tuesday General infectious ward EF ,Thypies Malaria
Wednesday TB ward
& Lab visit
PTB Including DR+MDR        TB
Thursday Diarrheoa Dysentry Cholera Food poisoning

IHT: Our  some faculties and technologists are involved in academic activities of institute of health technology since 2013.

Nursing college : BITID is also involved in academic activities of Nursing college , Fouzderhat , Chittagong since 2013.