Mission & Vision

To create a multidisciplinary center of excellence encompassing academia, collaborative research, clinical services and capacity development to guide policies and practices in tropical and infectious diseases, with the aim of achieving sustainable health and poverty alleviation.
Excellence in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases.


a) To conduct clinical and laboratory research leading to the development of cost effective means to prevent, diagnose and treat locally endemic Tropical and Infectious Diseases (TID).
b)To develop a critical mass of committed human resources and laboratory and clinical facilities dedicated to tackle TID.
c) To provide clinical and diagnostic health care to patients in BITID and its community outreach facilities
d) To promote and sustain productive national and international collaborations to achieve excellence in academic research, service, education and capacity development.
e) To provide evidence to complement relevant national health policy dealings compatible with cost effective, equitable and sustainable development.
f) To advocate the use of evidence based interventions for health promotion, disease prevention and treatment