Director Message

Dr. Md. Nasir Uddin

Bangladesh have continued health burdens of tropical and infectious diseases which are one of the major causes of treatable morbidity and mortality. High population density as well as high illiteracy, global warming and climate change, rapid population movement and appearance of emerging and reemerging makes the country vulnerable to many tropical diseases. Recent Ebola, Zika, Chikungunia and Yellow fever outbreaks in different countries and COVID-19 pandemic illustrate how tropical disease can reemerge and expand their ranges and cause havoc.

The spread of communicable disease is under good control due to comprehensive preventive measures and improved treatment protocol. Better understanding of the etiology, transmission and pathogenesis of the tropical disease can be achieved by recent advances in the infectious disease diagnostics. Hopefully new innovation and guidelines are coming to light up the path towards a better, cost effective and patient friendly management of infectious diseases. With changing trend of diseases and considering the national demand our physicians must be up to date in knowledge and skill and more researches are needed in this field to achieve our targets of Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) within 2030.

I truly believe that BITID can help us to combat the Tropical and Infectious Diseases in our country. It is also immense field for the researcher for endeavor their research in Infectious and Tropical Diseases.